Company History


Giovanni Bonotto began to produce brushes for washing clothes, weaving together sprigs and twigs that grew on the banks of surrounding canals and woods. In a few years all the family members were involved in selecting materials and handcrafting brushes.

After World War II

With the arrival of the first heavy-duty American power sweepers, Gianfranco has an idea: ”Why buy spare parts from the U.S. if I can make something just about the same here in Italy?”. This led to creation of Tre Colli business. Gianfranco and Romano introduced mechanical and automatic production solutions. Ingenuity and enthusiasm led to the production of the first automatic punching machines.


First Building

The growing workload required new spaces and so, in 1991, Gianfranco and Romano took over the first small estabilishment, which still represents the headquarters of the company. The production model shifted towards an industrial one, going from 10 to 80 employees and with products that are since then exported all over the world.


Foundation of the Molding Departmet

Another important achievement for the growth of Tre Colli. Custom-made supports and components, which were first produced by external suppliers, now became part of the in-house production cycle, thus permitting an enlarged product range and costs optimizing.


Leader in the Cleaning Market

Company internationalization was handled by Gianfranco Jr and Giulia, who, in the business from an early age, were able to bet on and invest in all international markets, successfully presenting Tre Colli as leader in the production and sale of brushes for the cleaning industry and the road sweeping.